Joystick throttles / FSUIPC / 2 Throttle levers assignments

Edgar Freitas Guest


I have a MADCATZ FLY 5 Joystick, with 2 throttle levers, and I want to make those 2 levers, control the 4 engines of the pmdg 747.
I know I can do it with FSUIPC, but the problem is that the latest version of FSUIPC doesn´t record(if this is the right word) my data very well,
because with KLM Virtual's ACARSng, I get very very low landing rates, so I know it´s related with the last version of FSUIPC.
(When I got back to the previous version, problem solved!)
My question is. Can I purchase the previous version of FSUIPC?
Is there any other way to assign the joystick levers to the engines without using FSUIPC? Like the left lever controls engine 1 and 2 and the right one,
controls the engines 3 and 4.

If yes, how do I do it?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,

Edgar Freitas

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just contact him and I'm sure he will arrange for you to purchase any version you want.


Edgar Freitas Guest


Thank you for your reply.
Yes I tried to contact him, but he doesn´t have any contact details. What I´ve done was leaving the same post on his forum, but no reply so far.



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RadarMan Chief Captain

Good, I'm sure he will answer.


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