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I am hoping that someone can help me with an ILS approach. I'll list what I am doing and perhaps someone would be kind enough to give my a hand.

1) I tune NAV1 frequency to ILS runway. Make sure it is selected on the radio stack and I make sure that the Nav/GPS swith is on NAV

2) Autopilot is on and I move to the altitude requested by the controller to intercept the localizer.

3)I turn on GPS and use autopilot to fly into the green "inverted arrow" which I assume is the localize. Speed, altitude and heading are set in Autopilot

4) As soon as I see that I am in the green "inverted Arrow" on the GPS which I assume is the localizer I turn on the AP "approach" button expecting to be taken to the runway but nothing happens and I overfly the runway

5) Interestingly, before I even am near the green "inverted arrow" I hear the morse code beeps. I am not sure why I am hearing those so soon.

CDoes anyone know what I am doing wrong????????

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First make sure the ILS freq for the ILS runway is correct - this should be put in the NAV1 radio. Next you have to put the correct course to the runway. You'll find the course beside the freq on the airport info page. With these two things dialed in - you should be able to make the ILS approach no problem.

Usually what happens is that you get near the runway flying by GPS. As you get close, you'll be given headings to fly. Switch from NAV to HEADING on the autopilot. Plug in all the altutudes and headings that atc gives you. The last message you get will be to turn to a certain course and to decend and hold a certain altitude until you intercept the localizer. Once you turn to this new heading push APP on the autopilot. You should already have AP, HEADING, and ALT lit. You have to make sure that your NAV/GPS switch is on NAV at this point so you can see your glide slope. Once you get near the grean arrow, the a/p takes over and starts flying you towards the runway (the HEADING light on the AP goes off). Once you're in the glideslope, the ALT light goes off and you'll start to sink. Controlling your speed will keep you in the glide slope (more or less throttle). Make sure you disengage the AP about 200 feet above the runway.

It took me the longest time to figure out what the localizer was. Now all is good.

Jim Bugowski Guest

OK. Thanks for the instructions.

I tried it again, but it still did not work. There is one part of your instructions which I did not understand.

"Next you have to put the correct course to the runway. You'll find the course beside the freq on the airport info page. With these two things dialed in - you should be able to make the ILS approach no problem."

This " correct course" that you write about, is it the runway heading or something else? I put the runway heading into the FD display. Should I have put this somewhere else?

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rowcoach First Officer

what plane are you flying?

yes, by correct course I mean the runway's course.

Jim Bugowski Guest


I am flying the standard CRJ in FSX.

The reason I am asking where to input the correct course to runway is because I wasn't sure if to input the runway course using the CRS1 knob or the heading knob or both.

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Craig (Sno0ze) Trainee

I don't know why people use autopilot to land anyway, landing manually is the best part! 😀

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

True - for those of us who really fly - landing IS the best part...and if you remember, the HARDEST part to learn. In a sim, letting the computer land you , you can still have the fun of being a pilot, without all the hours of field work learning how to land second nature. It's cool, to each his own. Remember, it IS just a Sim/game. Not real life...but prety close.

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totally agree with learning the 'controlled crash' of a landing sequence. There are many airports in here that have no ILS what-so-ever so it is good to get used to it now.

Anyway, the runway heading goes in the CRS. Use Heading to dial in where ever ATC directs you to go.

One of the reasons this may not be working for you - and I don't know if you have checked this or not so in insult intended if you have already done this - but is the AP turned on? You can click on heading, speed, alt, and app but you'll still have to fly the plane manually. If you have the flight director (FD) turned on as well, you'll get a helpful guide in the HSI. Unless you have auto pilot engaged (look for the button on the AP panel), you'll be landing by hand.

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Did you mean to say APPR instead of AP? Once established click the APPR (Approach). If you keep AP (Autopilot) engaged - the airplane will maintain whatever you have set in the ALT, HDG etc. APPR will fly the glideslope and approach for you. Also - remember to disconnect the AT (Autothrottle) if you are using that as well. Cancelling the AP doesnot auto canx the AT.

Jim Bugowski Guest

Sorry But I can't figure this out.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Maybe this will help:
Approach Guides

Jim Bugowski Guest

Thanks for everyone's comments.....

Well I finally did it... My problem was that I had the nav1 ILS frequency set in the standby without making it active by making the switch,.

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rowcoach First Officer

that would make sense.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

Wish I had a nickel for everytime I "almost" forgot to switch over.... 😂

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