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😀 I have a Athalon XP2600 machine with 768MB RAM and a Radeon 9600 128MB graphics card with Ati 2Dvag.dII driver version 6.14. I am attempting to run FS2002 and 2004, Lockon Combat, and Doom III.

Each time on all games the sound goes and the game locks up. Any ideas? Thanks

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You can see where your card rates along with the rest of them, not too high is it.


You are using very old drivers and should update to at least 4.8, that's what I'm running with a ATI 9800 Radeon Pro 128.
Shut down some of your background programs and make certain that you have DirectX 9.0c.
Update your soundcard drivers they can cause lockup and probably are the problem. What card do you have or is it an "onboard sound card".
Let us know how you do with Flight Sim 2004, that's what we are most familiar with.


mikeeboy Guest

😀 To Radarman

What a star! I wasn't expecting a response to my dosy query. Thanks for the advice...In answer to your question about my sound device..Yes!! it is an onboard sound device..I am not sure if any of this helps but the device is an AC 97 Audio( wave) (emulated)..Device iD: PCI\ven - 1106DEV-3059SUBSYS- 18041019REV-5I..Product ID:100..Type:Emulated...Means absolutely naf all to me..But you may have some ideas straight away..Judging your high degree of knowledge on all matters regarding PC's.

Any way I value your help and thanks once again.. 😉

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Expert, I wish! I just enjoy the hunt.
First go into settings (in the sim) and shut down the sound, if that works then it's your card and the manufacturers problem. Dell or whoever should come out and replace the motherboard.
Try going into device manager in Windows and right click on your card and click disable.

If Dell won't help then you have to find a friendly honest shop that will install a new card and disable your onboard card.


Let us know how your doing.


Mikeeboy Guest

😂 To Radarman,

Well !! I think you were right.As you suggested I updated to direct x9c and updated my driver for the Radeon 9200 to a catalyst 4.10 , with a noticable difference to FS2002, where I actually managed a flight with no hiccups and, I might add, with all settings up full blast. However FS 2004, although graphically everything is spot on, after anly a minute or so, the sound goes and then the screen freezes up. I then have to re-boot the system. I did try turning off the sound, but this did not help. Evil or Very Mad

I think my best bet is, as you suggested, to invest in a more powerful card. OH MY GOD!!! MORE MONEY Crying or Very sad Thanks for all your tips. I will keep you posted, as to the outcome of my purchases. Cheers.

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Super, at least you now know what the problem is. A GOOD Creative Labs card and your off to the races.
Let us know how you are doing with it.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 🙄


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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I do have an ATI Readon 9600xt card and it’s works very “smooth” ,
So before investing into a new card try to be sure that is nothing wrong
with your system. U always can by a cheap PCI sound card. That what I did when some years ago when my sound “gone fishing”

mikeeboy Guest


To Rafi(captain)

Thanks for you advice. I have an Acer 2600 system with 768MB, which is brand new. Iwould hope the mother board is OK. I have updated drivers for the Graphics card and loaded directx 9c and the graphics is now much better as is the problems with screen freeze.

However, I have now installed a new sound card a C-Media wave device with latest drivers. The game plays for a bit then I get a continuous stutter and the sound does not return although the game still plays.

I am beginning to get a little cheesed off. I am unsure what the problem is. Radarman's guidance solved some issues with graphics freeze, but I think a new card may be "ON THE CARDS".[/img]

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I don’t know if I can solve your sound problem but I may can to help you to find some directions.
First I would like to know if it is a fs2004 problem or some wider problem. So I understood that you have fs2002 as well. It’s works ok? Maybe some other games.?
Second If you have an installed windows media player ? If yes try to open Flight simulator 9/sounds folder and there double click on some large *.wav file and see if you can hear it. Do it several times.
Now we are going to more difficult questions. When you both your computer you should get a CD with the drivers of you mother board
Do u still have it? Maybe u will have to reinstall the sound driver again
As I understood u installed an new PCI card. Did u take any steps to disable your onboard card . It was probably written on your installation instructions with the new card.
With u dxdiag u not found any problem with sound test?
And for last: There are some forums U can ask for more professional help like one RadarMan gave me : www.PCPitstop.com But first to first just give me some answers

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