dad's FS2004 crashes winXP AMD sempron 2800 radeon 9600


Hi all,

SO glad to have found your forum and website, done a little bit of searching and so far I know for sure this is a great place to be.

I wonder if anyone has had any sudden system crashes on flight sim 2004 within 10 seconds of taxiing, but not on the hawaii easy flight?

I'm sure my dad can explain more and hopefully he will,

but he's running a Sempron 2800, ASrock VM800 upgrade, with Radeon 9600, plus 1GB of RAM - he had problems before with this new PC even without the ATO 9600...

The main thing is he has uninstalled it from his PC and that is bad news cos he's a pilot and would dearly love to play FS2004.

So, if there's any one who might render some assistance that would be great.

I've sent the link for your forum to dad and expect him to get online, do some searching of his own, then perhaps ask the same thing I already have.

So far Dell communities have been a great place I used to get upgrade and system info for my Dell, hopefully this can be a similarly nice forum for dad to get his 2004 up and going.


Rob G

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