Posky's V4 747 Series: No Wing Spoiler Mvmnt in Turns?


I just downloaded a V4 747-200 from Posky and noticed that I don't get spoiler movement in turns like my Posky V3 has (I think the term is spoilerons?). I also noticed this lacking on a V4 747SP I downloaded a while back, but assumed that perhaps the real SP's did not have this feature. I'm pretty sure real "regular" 747's have this. Does anyone else see spoiler movement on their V4 747's? Perhaps it's another joystick issue....like the fact that my joystick will not allow the nose wheel turning animation to work.


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NSX Guest

I remember something in the release story of the 747SP saying something about the outer alerions not functioning at high speeds, which sounds pretty realistic to me, it would turn you up side down in a split second since they are so far out of the center of gravity.


OK, that's good to know. Thanks! However, it's the wing top spoilers (the ones you deploy to slow down) that I'm speaking of, not the wingtip alerons.

x pilot Guest

mmm, does it not have 2 sets of ailerons like a 70, outer ones for slow speed and the innner ones for high speed, spoilers are hands on?

will check out the 747-200 model, old so i am not sure if it is like modern 747.....

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