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I was watching some neat clips on Youtube and there was a video where the pilot had the view from outside behind the plane. We all know that if you fly with that view and turn the plane goes off center. This pilot was able to change the view by dragging the mouse.
How do you do that? USe the mouse?

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None that I could find for FSX. This is one of them for FS9, maybe they will update it.

F1 View utility-This small module installs into FS2004 and supplies simple mouse-based movements, panning, and more, using the center mouse wheel/button. You can also move past the default view limits of FS2004 (good for strolling through virtual cabins). After you download, please make sure you read the full instructions included.

I don't use the product, service or file(s) referenced above and in no way endorse or recommend it's use above similar items or products. Offered items are just the result of search of the Internet to satisfy a request for an example of a particular item.

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In FSX, to pan and move your view, hold Spacebar and Click Mouse 1, then move the mouse.

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