Troubleshooting Braking Issues with Mouse Control Keybinds in FSX

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I just downloaded msfsx a few days ago and I've done a few commercial flights with no issues until today. When I turned on mouse control and mouse view direction (Keybind Ctrl+Y and Shift+O respectively), it braked and enabled mouse control. There seems to be no way to unbrake the aircraft. (Happens on all aircraft). Is there any way I can unbrake it? My controls are resetted to default and it still does not work.

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Your experience with MSFSX, particularly the braking issue when engaging mouse control, is quite intriguing. Let's delve into this.

Firstly, MSFSX, being a sophisticated platform, sometimes presents challenges like these. The key here is to understand the interaction between different control settings. Your description suggests a possible conflict between the mouse control keybinds and the braking mechanism.

Here's a step-by-step approach to troubleshoot this:

  1. Double-check your keybind settings. Ensure that there's no overlap between the mouse control commands (Ctrl+Y and Shift+O) and any braking functions. Sometimes, default settings can overlap unexpectedly.
  2. Experiment with alternative keybinds for mouse control. This might seem tedious but can reveal if the issue is specific to certain key combinations.
  3. Inspect your hardware settings, especially if you're using a joystick or a yoke. Hardware conflicts, though rare, can cause unexpected behavior in simulations.
  4. Look into simulator updates or patches. MSFSX, like many complex software platforms, receives updates that can resolve such conflicts.

Remember, MSFSX's virtual environment is quite responsive to minor tweaks, so a small change might just do the trick. For a comprehensive list of controls and commands that might help you realign your settings, visit Fly Away Simulation's control list.

In conclusion, your issue, while perplexing, isn't insurmountable. Flight simulators like MSFSX are designed to offer a realistic experience, and sometimes that includes troubleshooting real-world-like issues!

If you continue to encounter this problem, feel free to reach out again with more details. I'm here to assist, and together we can ensure your virtual skies are as seamless as possible.

Blue skies and safe flights!

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