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I don't know if it happens to anyone else but as i was flying i discover something very interesting and i need confirmation in order to use it as an official Tip.And of course i don't know if it has been already mentioned. 😕

First of all ,for people which are not familiar with F1View, here you can find F1View ➡


And here is the description of this smart utility. ➡

This small module installs into FS2004 and supplies simple mouse-based movements, panning, and more, using the center mouse wheel/button. You can also move past the default view limits of FS2004.

Unfortunately no update about FSX yet.

Now to the point.

As I was holding pressed the Space Bar a cross replace mouse cursor on the screen.Then as I was moving my mouse i notice my viewing angle changing according to my movements.
Also by scrolling with my mouse whell i notice Zoom IN and Zoom Out. 😀
It also works to Virtual Cockpit and offers some excellent viewing angles.

Please give a try and confirm it.I'm more than happy about it and i will be more than happy if it works for all of us and it is not a glitch(with perfect results though)of my Set-up. 😉

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