Error message during multiplayer session

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Sometime during multiplayer session, the progrem stuck, and the following error message appears:
Header- "Microsoxt Visual C++ Runtime Library"
"Runtime Error!
R 6025
- Pure virtual function call"

Any advice will be appreciated.



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no1minime Guest

hey i get this runtime error on fsx multiplayer too dunno wat causes it but i think its when ya use the same d/l aircraft as someone else

GuestPoster Guest

I get your same error for a while now ,(in single or multi play) ,reference to visualfx.dll file.
I found repair install of scenery update to help some but it is completly random error.I can host for 7 hours no crash, other times can't even get past settings menu.
Short of re-installing the game, i don't see any resolve for this yet. Frustrating to have favorite app keep crashing on you.
It might have to do with one of the add-on planes out, but it is all just speculation since many popular planes are not causing problems for others. SP1 might help in some way, but i wouldn't count on it being a magic fix for everything thats wrong as there are complaints coming from everywhere.
At least your not the only one having the same error which can help to eliminate hardware issues, Good luck to us all in finding a cure for this horrible disease.

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Sam99 Trainee

Many thanks to GuestPoster for his comfort words.

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shylock (scottyboy39) Trainee

we get this all the time.its been posted here before.but i hate it.its very enoying

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Sven2157 Trainee

I have a solution for this is another thread found here:


Sven2157 (SV2157)

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