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currently i am flying around the world at around 320Mph about how long will it take. i am going from KPDX-KPDX(my hometown area) stopping every once in awhile to fuel up. btw i am at 16x speed i wish you could go higher in ap mode

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Approximatly 75 hours./16 so...5 hours.


THanks. man thats gonna be along time should finish up 11pm ish PST

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If you're going around the world, take your time, enjoy the views and take some screenshots and you'll enjoy it much more than at 16x speed 😀 (my opinion only though).


Yeah i am gonna take some screen shots. slow it down to normal a few times. first time ever flying around the world!

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What aircraft are you going to use? A single or varied? Jets or props?Civil or Military? I like to follow these tours 😀 !


using a Boeing 747 800. in fact i am at Seattle right now refueling!!! about 45min left till home.


gonna fly it again tonight. in a dougles(Sp)(the original one with the game one)

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Anonymous wrote:

using a Boeing 747 800.

Where did you get that one from - I'd like to have one Drool


astra boy site. its free

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Good luck 🙂
I flew around the world 3 times
1 time with a Shorts 360 ( used X16)
1 time with a Beechcraft (used X16)

And last time i completed my around the world trip with NO fasting up
With a Piper seminole 🙂

It's so much fun if you don't speed up the time
Like if you are around new york you got lots of reports of traffic..
But when you are flying above the Amazone river there is like no traffic
And also it's great to fly between mountains because your plane can't get any higher 😛

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