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I am familiar with flying the Boeing 737/400 on MS Flight Sim 2004. So I upgraded to the PMDG Boeing 737/800/900 package. I am currently undergoing the very steep learning curve with FMC, but I am anxious to get familiar with the cockpit using IFR as I do with the original 737/400. My problem is that the requested route from ATC does not load into the PMDG FMC. Even though ATC is guiding me on my route I cannot check my route map for current positioning. I also have a problem on approach as I cannot get a lock on the ILS localiser even though I have correctly entered the required frequency. These two factors combined are a bit of a,bottom line, do I have to revert the standard Flight Simulator B737 while I learn to use the PMDG FMC or is there a middle ground.

I am not an expert as you can see but any advice would be really appreciated.


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Welcome to Flyaway aob9,🍻
PMDG aircraft are the most realistic but challenging aircraft on the market, they require some study to utilize properly. I found a link that may help you. It's not specifically about the PMDG FMS/FMC but it's all that I could find.
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Thanks for your reply. I have just realised that this post is in the wrong area, so I have moved it to the correct forum.


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Hello..... i have a problem with the FMC too! how do you turn it on??

the screan its all black and i cannot get it on! plis help me out here!

all jet planes in Flight Simulator X has an FMC or FMS in the cockpit but they are all black and vill not turn on so in the mean time i am using the GPS....... i dont know where to start ore where to turn that thing ON.. 😞

Best regards, Helge Meyer. 😀

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hey I have some of those problems too, but mine is because the fsuip(I dont know if you have it)is a non registered copy and it will not provide full functionality that means that some options or buttons will not work so in my case is because of that you may check the fsuip (if you have it in your pmdg) to see if thats the cause you cannot find the localizer or the other thing you cannot do...and sorry for my english it is not my born lenguage but i think you got the point =/

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