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I am familiar with flying the Boeing 737/400 on MS Flight Sim 2004. So I upgraded to the PMDG Boeing 737/800/900 package. I am currently undergoing the very steep learning curve with FMC, but I am anxious to get familiar with the cockpit using IFR as I do with the original 737/400. My problem is that the requested route from ATC does not load into the PMDG FMC. Even though ATC is guiding me on my route I cannot check my route map for current positioning. I also have a problem on approach as I cannot get a lock on the ILS localiser even though I have correctly entered the required frequency. These two factors combined are a bit of a,bottom line, do I have to revert the standard Flight Simulator B737 while I learn to use the PMDG FMC or is there a middle ground.

I am not an expert as you can see but any advice would be really appreciated.


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The FMC of the PMDG is very good, very accurate. You must understand that taking of from an airport needs some guidence from ATC. In this case the standard ATC will tell you to stay at 5.000 feet(example). Dial that into the MCP alt window so it will stop your climb there. Then it will tell you to turn left or right following the *** course. You can also do that with the heading selector of MCP. After that they tell you to resume own navigation, now you can fire up LNAV and VNAV and let the bird itself make the decisions.

It's a very good thing to tell the FMC where you are going to land. After telling the FMC the departure airport and destination in the route section, click the dep/arr button and tell the FMC where you wanna land on that airport. On big airport's you have SID's and STARS's which will guide the plane into a route in the air or safely down. Then that path will show up on the display in your cockpit.

In the stock aircraft you can always check your position(GPS). In a "real-life" craft like a PMDG that doesn't work. But you do have that little screen showing your route with a pink line. To start using this, enter departure airport and destination airport in the RTE(route) page. Then click dep-arr button. And enter in the departure runway and arrival runway. Go back to RTE and activate, and PRESTO, you got a straight line to the arrival airport just like the stock GPS. But this goes to the first waypoint in the landing procedure. Normally you will follow some sort of route but this will give you a basic impresion.

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i also having trouble puting the auto throttle on. when i try a lil light flashes throttle prset, and it turns it back off again. ? the troutles are set to crz how do i change that?

i found way to turn the crz of so i can set it to clime and auto. but i still can not engage the auto throttle why is this.? whai got press in the fmc?

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????????? some 1 must know/had this prob and fixed

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😞 I have begun to master the FMC but your right the auto-throttle won't stay engaged when selected and it's messing the whole thing up.......very frustrating. Any help out there?????????? 😞

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i can do it now if you just keeep turning it on and off every 2 min on ground and it works in air then

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thats only way i can get it to work lol

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