Can't create gamespy account. Can't use existing account.

Juggler Guest

When I try to create new gamespy account it says "your password must be less than 16 characters in alphanumeric format" and fails.
When I try to use existing gamespy account it says "incorrect password".
Anyone can help to troubleshoot it?

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guest10 Guest

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RandomGuy Guest

Same with me.

Pro Member First Officer
vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Did you buy or downloaded the game, but say the truth?

NSX Guest

Hi, my copy of FSX is legit, clean install with only SP1 and I also have this problem won't allow me to create an account.


Same Here!!!!

Springbok34 Guest

Gamespy has shut down. How else do we access the multiplayer function?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Springbok34 wrote:

Gamespy has shut down. How else do we access the multiplayer function?

Try the last post in this link.


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