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I recently uninstalled FSX and now I want to re-install it. I have tried a few times to reinstall it and now I need some help. Every time I put in the second disk, about ten seconds in it says, word for word,
"Microsoft Flight Simulator X Error
Error 1311.Source file not found: I:\ Verify that the file exists and you can access it.
Retry Cancel

Every time I press Retry, it comes back up. Every time I press Cancel, it rolls back the whole installation which takes about as much time as installing it in the first place.
If I go to My Documents and try to access it, it says it could not find it. If you have any information that could solve this problem, thanks in advance.
French 😉

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I did some research on this error but failed to find a simple answer. This error indicates that the installer is unable to access the necessary files from the CD-ROM drive.

Here are some tips that may help:
1. Update Windows
2. Empty your Recycle bin and temporary Internet files in your browser.
3. clean disk
4. Update your DVD drive driver
5. Install with Windows in Safe Mode.

Just some ideas, I'm no expert but no one else has answered your post.

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This tip is from a couple years ago when I could not get Acrobat Professional to re-install - Talked to Abobe as well as MS - I downloaded the small program from MS (Windows Installer Clean Up Program) and it did the trick - "seems" that on occasion the installers get corrupt - I opened the program, deleted the "Acrobat Professional" installer - then reinstalled the Acrobat Pro. fine -

This worked for me couple of months ago when I upgraded to Vista - had to reinstall FSX - same thing happened, would not install, error messages, etc. - Opened my little program from MS, deleted the installer for FSX, and then FSX installed like a breeze.

Hope this helps.

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