FS2004 Installation Problem!

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During the express or custom installation, CD2 gives an error message that MSGAME6.CAB is corrupt and that it might be due to shrtage of memory (which is not) or corruption in the file. I checked the original MSGAME6.CAB (last CAB of CD2) file in my HDD and found it to be without corruption. I then tried to extract the same file from CD2 to check corruption and I got the corruption message! I burned one more CD with Nero but it gave the same result. I also checked CD3 and also found MSGAME9.CAB (last CAB of CD3) to be corrupt whereas, the original in my HDD are uncorrupt. The last CAB files of CD2 & 3 are corrupt (only on CDs, not in HDD). In CD4, there is a crack folder that has a file fs9.exe that I presume have to be used after installation. I downloded this one from edonkey. I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem and if there is a solution to this.

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Bouncer Guest

I have same problem, with installing FS2004 on Win2000
It installed OK on notebook with WinXP home
Tried all MS suggestions but no solution - have huge HD capacity, & 2 CD drives (neither work ). This seems to be a known problem but I have not seen of a solution that works

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If you have two cd drives (ie burner and a dvd) load fs9 from the slower drive (normally the dvd)
Some fast drives dont focus to well when loading lots of data

Hope it helps

Patoloco Guest

Try to fix the files using Advance Cab repair, to bad you have to pay for the full version. you can get it at www.cab-repair.com works for me!!!!!!!


I have the same problem, but it was MSGAME8.cab on CD 3!!!

Guest Guest

Hi folks, well i got the same problem, and so i was wondering if
somebody found a solution yet.

Before I never had problems with FS2000,2002, and CFS2/3, and now i even changed the windows version, but it was not a big help.. (Me - 2000)

hmm well c'est la vie...



Did anybody ever get a solution to this problem. I have tried using Advanced CAB repair but this produces an error which wont let me load the fixed file. Such a shame that one file is causing me to be unable to play this game!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try cleaning the disk, carefully and then go to safe mode and see if you can load the sim in there.

You can either do that or try a clean start which means you have to shut down your programs in "msconfig" reboot and then install.

Let us know how you do so others will be able to know.
Thanks and good luck.


www.dargel.cc Guest

during my installation I got the error of couldn't install because error in swapping files and something about memory. Anyways, I searched on Microsoft, forums after forums and finally today I installed. I did it in safe mode.

Start your computer in safe mode, log in as the administrator and run the installation. After it's all done restart your computer and enjoy.

Happy flying

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

If it doesn't work - try re-booting your computer 😉


I keep getting the message "Please insert FS2004 Disc 4, select OK and restart application" which I have disc 4 in and even uninstalled and reinstalled and didnt clear it up. It seems to install with no probs but when I click the icon it brings that message. I even tried all of MS fixes with no help.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

If you right click/explore in your CD-drive when you have the CD-4 inserted ,can you see the contents of it?


Greekman72 wrote:

If you right click/explore in your CD-drive when you have the CD-4 inserted ,can you see the contents of it?

Yes I can see everything in there. Like I said didnt have a problem loading the game it just wont let me play. Keeps asking for disk 4 even though it just loaded disk 4 and its still in the drive.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Maybe my question is dump,but i ask just in case..is it an illegal copy?
Do you have a file created im my documents folder named:Flight Simulator Files?
Another thing you can try is to run FS with no-cd crack.
Unfortunately you have to be a member to download it from here. Crying or Very sad


I did get it to run finally. I paid for my membership last night, how long does it take to get the email back so I can log in? Thanks

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Two to four days Crying or Very sad my friend.
You have to be a litle patient.Sorry Dont Know

Welcome in advance in Fly Away... 😉

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