wheres the the taxi light switch for the default b737

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Jerald Trainee

wheres the the taxi light switch for the default b737 i have look all over cant find it and it gets annoying when you have to turn on all of the lights Mad

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bawls327 Captain

Hold Shift + 5 to display overhead lights. I think thats what it is in fs2004 I am not sure.

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Jerald Trainee

that does bring up the light bar but there is no taxi light switch

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

MS didn't put a taxi light switch in the default FS9 737. Press [L] to turn on all lights then press[Ctrl+L]. It turns off the landing lights but leaves the taxi Lt., strobes, position Lts. and beacon Lts. on.

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Just as an aside: When taxing don't have your strobes turned on.

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Jerald Trainee

thanks that is what i needed to know i guess ill just download a 737 🙄

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