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Just a quick question, can you do ILS landings on multiplayer. Me and my friend do regular shared cockpit flights but we can't set the radio stack properly every time. On the standby part, only the numbers after the point (on the right) move. So for example, the frequency is 110.5 and the stack has standby on 117.4. We can only cycle through the part that has the 4. Is ILS possible online?

EDIT: We managed to set it this time but.... the autopilot kept on turning our plane left. No heading hold or anything was on. Could anyone explain this?

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

well i always use ils in multiplayer but only really use it when it dark or unable to see but yer im alright using but i have never tryed it when sharing a aircraft

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

ok about your turning problam when you set up your ils did you put in the course heading and may of click approach botton thats the only thing i can fink off

also when you rewrite something put it in a new reply so that it send a email to me to tell me you asked another question

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sounds like ur not switching over to other freq

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