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Fsx running on low spec Guest

Okay, so I posted a while back about how my laptop wouldn't run certain add-ons for Fsx. I got an answer back on how to resolve these problems.

So what I wanted to do is, write about how my laptop runs near enough everything with very low power components.

To begin with, I have a Acer Packard bell Easy note which has:
Quad Core @1.75
AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics
and a Single 750 GB HDD

For windows 8, this has actually been running well I do have to say. I am currently running on windows 8.1 64bit and so far the only problem I can really say there is with FSX running on this, is when I change the settings by a big amount or when I jump from one airport to another using the 'go to airport' option. This only happens when my laptop has only been on for an hour or so.
But otherwise everything is working.
Now if you are installing fsx for the default scenery and aircraft ONLY then by all means wack the settings on full, but if you plan on buying PMDG aircraft, FLY tempa scenery or uk2000 scenery with ai traffic packs and additionally with REX installed. Don't get your hopes up too much.

To date since Christmas 2013 I have battled with all of my add-ons individually, changing their settings and finding that right balance. To the most part I've been successful with doing this but the two things that I really don't like mixing: Fly Tampa Princess Juliana airport and any PMDG product (I've only tried 737 and 747). They do not mix. My laptop literally drop to 1 frame per second.

Now saying all of this might be good but what you really need to know is what I have installed, what I use with what and also what settings I have everything at.

Here goes ....

PMDG 737ngx
PMDG 747-400
UK2000 Leeds-Bradford
UK2000 Manchester
UK2000 Liverpool John Lennon
UK2000 Heathrow
FLY TAMPA Princess Juliana
FS dream team - GSX
CLS 767
CLS A33-A34
Quality wings 757

and also

REX overdrive + essentials.

Like I said the NGX and Fly Tampa do not mix ! Otherwise I think I can mix every single one of those and get at least 10 FPS if not then 15 - 21 FPS depending on if I'm online or not.

FSX settings:

Graphics - set to 30 fps and global texture to max.
Lense flare - on
Light bloom - off
DX10 - off
anti analyse on and set to Bilanier (sorry for poor spelling)

aircraft settings to how you wish

the big one:
The scenery settings

Level of Detail: set to max
Mesh Complexity: 42
Mesh resolution: 19m
Texture resolution: 15cm
Water effects: none (please note, water effects have a big effect on your performance)

Scenery complexity: dense
AutoGen : none
Land detail : on
special effects: medium

With or without traffic : doesn't really matter

They are my results.
Not the best looking at time but they get the job done.

Please feel free to leave a response or a question and I will try to answer it as best as I can.

If I have left anything out then again leave a response and I will get back to you as soon as.

Thank you I do hope this helps


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