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noob123 Guest

Hello. My better computer is broken, and it is in repair, and because of that, i wanted play FSX Deluxe with my laptop. But when install is in that process where is maybe about half installed and there is Boeing 747 in sky picture, installation stops, it just hangs there, nothing happens in DVD Drive, and when i press Cancel install doesnt stop and i have stop install from Task Manager. What is wrong, or is my DVD Drive in laptop broken? I already tried to remove it from computer and clean dust from it, and put it back to PC, still this same problem continues. Laptop is HP Compaq 6715s and it has UJ-861 DVD-Drive. Specs:
CPU: AMD Mobile Sempron 2.00 GHz
GPU: ATI Radeon X1270 128mb.
RAM: 2x2 GB RAM = 4 GB RAM taked from my old laptop.
OS: Vista Home Basic
Please help me because i havent played FSX for 2 weeks because of this problem and i want play FSX....

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Conn000 Guest

I get pretty much the same problem. Mine stops on Monsoon002.wav or something like that with the picture of the Orbit Airlines aircraft at a terminal. I have a lot of trouble cancelling it aswell. Task manager or alt+f4 somtimes don't even work. I am going to have to buy it again as my computer had to get it's OS re-installed.

My laptop specs are:
Hpg60 Intel Core2 Duo with 3 gigabytes of ram. Nvidia GeeForce 9200m.

Fsx used to work perfectly with very high frame rates. I had no problem with my last installation.

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