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Im totally new to flight simulation. I recently bought the add on from Abacus software. They haven't gone back to me on the problem I had with two aircrafts (A320 and A350)...both aircrafts stalls after take off even if I am controlling it "correctly". Other aircrafts (A310, A319, A330, A340) don't really experience this problem.

However, I experienced another problem now with the A330 and 340. I have set correctly all the values to make an ILS approach... however, both aircrafts do not intercept the ILS...

Has any of the people here experienced the same problem or are there any thing more settings I need to do on the aircrafts (A330/340).

Thank you so much!

-Francis 😀

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Some times(or all the time), my fly the airbus fleet's A320 after lifting off from the ground goes nose down and crash! i have NO CONTORL OF IT!

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