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Hi all,

Has anyone got the Airbus Fleet add on for MS 2004? I was thinking of getting it but then i saw Airbus A340 professional, according to the description of Airbus A340 pro, it has Flexing wings Plus the following “PSS-enhanced” features:
Hard coded wingtip vortices with high humidity/lift.
Hard coded engine intake vapour effects.

does anyone know if Airbus Fleet has these features? Bearing in mind airbus fleet was released leate 2005 and A430 pro was released 2003.


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I would definately not recommend Aibus is no more than a collection of freeware quality models and a medicore panel. On the other I would definately recommend PSS...a very nice package 😉

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what other payware add on's included PSS-enhanced features then?

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PSS is the developer so I guess any products made by them 😉

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