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I bought the ”fly the Airbus fleet” from Abacus (yes, I know it was a huge mistake…) I have always had the problem that I was never able to fly more then 20nm from ESSA until I was out of fuel whit my A330-300. I know that it was something wrong because a A330-300 is supposed to fly 5500nm. I then checked the aircraft.cfg file and found out that the maximum fuel I can load the aircraft whit is 6606gal. After a quick check on I found out that the aircraft is supposed to take 25670gal of fuel. I think that Abacus lives in the same world as the built in flight planner in fs2004 does, when 100gal is enough to fly to the moon and back. 🙂

Anyway, I wonder if any one knows how the aircraft.cfg should be for the correct amount of fuel. It now looks like this:

LeftMain =   -0.82,  -6.16, -0.82, 1829.5, 0.0
RightMain =  0.82,   6.16, -0.82, 1829.5, 0.0
LeftAux =    -4.93, -26.7,   0.82,  232.0, 0.0
RightAux =  -4.93,  26.7,   0.82,  232.0, 0.0
Center1 =    0.0,    0.0,  -4.11, 2180.0, 0.0

And I guess it’s the same problem for the A310-300, A319-100, A320-200, A340-600 and the A350-800 to, so if any one could post the data for that aircrafts to I will be a happy Viking. 😉

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Hi Gorbarog 😉 I have just looked at your fuel tanks in your post.
Adding up......
1829.5, 0.0
1829.5, 0.0
232.0, 0.0
232.0, 0.0
2180.0, 0.0

this comes to 6303 gallons, even though you say it will allow you 6606 gal.

I have just downloaded a A330-300 and checked the Aircraft CFG File, and this one's fuel tanks is as follows..........

//Center1= 0.000, 0.000, -4.000, 16260.000, 0.000
LeftMain= -7.000, -37.983, 0.000, 11147.000, 3.000
RightMain= -7.000, 37.983, 0.000, 11147.000, 3.000
LeftAux= -13.000, -70.269, 0.000, 974.000, 3.000
RightAux= -13.000, 70.269, 0.000, 974.000, 3.000

fuel_type= 2.000 //Fuel type: 1 = Avgas, 2 = JetA
number_of_tank_selectors= 1

I'd say that the above that I have downloaded, is more of a realistic set of figures. If you back up your files, and try the figures above in your Aircraft CFG folder, and then run FS9 and load up your A330, you can then see what a difference it makes. If I'm wrong, guy's here will correct me. 😉

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I did some math and figured out that the correct tank load should be like this

LeftMain = -0.82, -6.16, -0.82, 7701.0, 0.0
RightMain = -0.82, 6.16, -0.82, 7701.0, 0.0
LeftAux = -4.93, -26.7, 0.82, 770.0, 0.0
RightAux = -4.93, 26.7, 0.82, 770.0, 0.0
Center1 = 0.0, 0.0, -4.11, 8728.0, 0.0

Now I can load the plane whit the correct amount of fuel. Now the problem is that the weight of the aircraft is all screwed-up… But I don’t have to work tomorrow so I can be up all night to fix it! 😀

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Gorbarog wrote:

I bought the ”fly the Airbus fleet” from Abacus (yes, I know it was a huge mistake…)

I know what you mean, I was so dissapointed with it, I ended up giving it away and sending it through the post to a member on this site.

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