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Hi sorry for my bad english first🙂
Im wondering, can use ILS if i fly VFR? If i fly IFR, and when ATC give me info on which runway to land, i can "stand by" and select other runway (ILS and visual, all aviable on airport). But if i fly VFR, i cant select other runway, even if i can, only visual runways. Is there addon to "fix" that, so if i fly VFR i could select ILS also?

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Yes you can choose to fly the ILS in VFR. Before takeoff or taxi. On your GPS you can choose a RWY to land on at your destination, but you must know how to select it on the GPS, and then NAV to the RWY HDG and do your approch either manual or Autopilot. Depenting on the A/C your flying you can do auto landing as well.

Do not select to have ATC following though.

And when flying IFR you can ask ATC for another RWY.

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