Wind at EGKK

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I was wondering because im going plane spotting at EGKK on Saturday, what rwy will the aircraft be taking off and landing on?

The Wind is due to be 6mph, North Westerly.

Can you tell me which RWY they will be using with these appropriate winds?

The RWY Numbers are 8 and 26.


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Easterly ops (08R)
Westerly ops (26L)

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I've just double checked, and it is likely the aircraft will be landing on runway 08. The wind is north westerley at 6 miles per hour so you should take off and land into the wind which is west i.e. runway 08. Check the weather on Saturday morning because it is a slight cross wind at the moment so could change 😉


Steve, do you use a airband scanner?

Don Wood Guest

I don't know if this is true in England but, in the US, most airports have a local telephone number that you can call to listen to the current ATIS broadcast. That will tell you which runway is in use at that time. Be aware that if wind chnages, the runway being used may also change after you have heard ATIS.

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