FS 2002 Checkride 737 engine failure?


In the fs2002 737 checkride the engine fails during takeoff. I can't find any lessons or instructions on what to do if an engine fails. Can anyone tell me where to look?

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PH Guest

Engine failure will be after V2 on the checkride....if I remember correctly. For flight sim: Actions are to set max thrust on the remaining engine and bank 5 degrees or so into the live engine whatever will hold heading. Maintain V2 so 160-170kts....ish! Remembering to try and maintain runway heading. At about 1500 feet slow the ROC (100-200fpm) and retract the flaps, monitoring your speed, heading and making sure you do not bust 2000 feet. Once at 2000 feet try and bring the speed to 210kts In the turn do not exceed 15 degrees bank. Do not be afraid to throttle back early on as you have plenty of momentum. A/c is set up rather light so there is no problem maintaining height and speed on one BRT in fact rotate is at a high speed for the weight. No major problems handling the EF as you are not expected to deal with fuel off etc EF checklists!


Thanks for the very complete reply, I'll try to get it done. I wasn't sure if maybe you're supposed to restart the engine.

PH Guest

The kind examiner will restart the engine for you 😀

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