2002 AI Military?

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Why is FS 2002 so boring when it comes to military aircraft? It seems like all the AFB's are empty goast towns and none seem to have any AI traffic. I can't seem to find any 2002 military AI addon packs. Did it take until FS 2004 and FS X for Microsoft realize that we want to "Fly Chase" for X planes at Edwards AFB? I'm going to try and use TTools but I'm no computer wiz. I have had a bit of a time learning how to add on planes and scenery to my FS 2002 but I'm learning and have hade fun so far.
Thanks, JohnnyKust

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Look at these pages and you can navigate to the next page using the icon on the bottom left.





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Thanks, RadarMan! I'll let you know how it works out.

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