ATP Checkride FS 2002 to KISP Rny 6 Calverton VOR Hold

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I Have Flown The ATP Checkride In FS 2002 With No Problem
With Several Different Pattern Entrys Which I Read In
Your "Plaese Help" Forum. I Make 1 Circle In The Hold Around CCC
But When I Am Ready To Exit The Hold And Head 249 To Lokks
I Get A Message "You Are Exceeding The Altitude Limits"
When I Am About 1.5 Miles From CCC And Start To Decend To 1900'
I Am Using The Flight Director And Autothrottle Is Armed And Set
At 220 Knts IAS With 5 Deg Flaps What Should I Do
Also Would You Send Me The Instruction/Source Code
For ATP Ckeckride FS 2002 Thank You 😕

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I have sent you an email regarding your above question.

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gordonftune Trainee

ATP Checkride FS 2002 Or 2004
At The End Of The Holding Pattern To KISP Runway 6
From Calverton When Do I Leave It And
When Should I Start My Decent 😕

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