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what key do you use to make the airport terminal come in and up to your plane? i learned how to receive a bush from the little carts but that is it. and what other secret things can i use to control the ground cars? ie - baggage carts.... - Thank you - James

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to get luggage carts open the cargo door(shift+2) the jetways (not termals) is supposed to be ctrl+j(or shift+j i dont remember), but the jetways never work for me 😀

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To make the jetway move on your airplane you need to be parked on the yellow line, have the advanced animations turned on, and press Ctrl + J

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You can get the jetway to come if you park well enough (on the yellow line). You press Ctrl-J to get the jetway. I think it only works on the commercial jets (Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737-800, and the Airbus A321). You can get the baggage trucks by opening the doors (Shift-E) and quickly releasing Shift-E and then quickly press 2 so it is (Shift-E 2). You can get the fuel truck by pressing Shift-F. And you can get the pushback truck by pressing Shift-P. The pushback truck will only come if you are near the zone it will pushback in (near the yellow line) and only if there is one at the gate or parking spot. For the jetways you need to have "Advanced Animations" on. And most all the other vehicles at the airport will not interact with your airplane. They just drive around and make it seem more real which it does. Those are all the things that I know about that you can interact with.

Hope this helps


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ok well i can get the fuel truck to come to me but i park up alright on the yellow lines click CTRL + J and nothing happends also i cant get the cargo doors to open i clikc SHIFT + E + 2 but all what happend is the radio stack comes up so...

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well make sure your controls are set to default. That is the only thing I can think of if the others didnt work for ya.

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No thay still did'nt work i don't just know why.

Do you have to have your scenery bar up full or something ❓

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You don't need to press it quickly within reason, as long as you don't press any other button afterwards its fine.

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How Do you turn on the Advanced Animation ??
and can anybody help with added textures to planes please, where can i find a 757& 767 , and also a easyjet A319 or A320 ?


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Rob55 wrote:

How Do you turn on the Advanced Animation ??
It's in the menu settings.
and can anybody help with added textures to planes please, where can i find a 757& 767 , and also a easyjet A319 or A320 ?
For what aircraft, try www.avsim.com free signup.



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i found that only some planes it workes on not all 😞 anyway its ctrl+j and some times you will hafe to hold it.....

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