Fuel Burn Calculation

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Is there an easy way? lol

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Well the information manual in any plane should tell you how many gallons or pounds per hour the plane burns in a given flight configuration. In some of the sim planes this is even in the instrumentation. You can use a normal calculator to find this out or a flight computer or e6b. So if you know pounds per hour multiplied by flight time (in decimal form) you should get your fuel burn.

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Sno0ze wrote:

Is there an easy way? lol

Other than that there are free fuel calculators at the libraries but none of them seem to be generic. If you look however you might just find some for your favourite aircraft.

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Payload and fuel your selected aircraft to about 65% of its practical loading. Take off and ascend to your practical flight level. In cruise mode, pause the aircraft >> Alt A F and take note of pounds of fuel >> then escape and unpause and fly for exactly 60 seconds >> then pause and Alt A F and take note of the pounds of fuels.

Then just do the maths. That should give you a decent average of the fuel consumption of that particular sim aircraft.

If your in the habit of logging the amount of fuel used in your ascents and descents, you will be able to do reasonable calculation on fuel usage for a given mission.

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