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I've just got my new computer which consists of 3.6ghz processor, 2Gb RAM and a 256 BIT nvidia nforce 6100 IGP, and just ordered FSX, but I want to get the best looks at possible, so I need a shopping list for:

1. Best scenery addons for UK & Europe. My flying is 50% VFR-SEP and 50% IFR twin turbos, so what would be the best scenery to comply with both?

2. Best scenery for UK airports?

3. Other useful addons, eg, weather, cloud, AI traffic?

4. I would be looking at getting a better graphics card in the future; what's worth going for?

5. Some good twin turbo aircraft which have been designed for FSX?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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no need to ask. Just buy everything. They are not expensive anyway.

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