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Just getting into FSX, help needed

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I've just got my new computer which consists of 3.6ghz processor, 2Gb RAM and a 256 BIT nvidia nforce 6100 IGP, and just ordered FSX, but I want to get the best looks at possible, so I need a shopping list for:

1. Best scenery addons for UK & Europe. My flying is 50% VFR-SEP and 50% IFR twin turbos, so what would be the best scenery to comply with both?

2. Best scenery for UK airports?

3. Other useful addons, eg, weather, cloud, AI traffic?

4. I would be looking at getting a better graphics card in the future; what's worth going for?

5. Some good twin turbo aircraft which have been designed for FSX?

Thanks in advance for any replies!


no need to ask. Just buy everything. They are not expensive anyway.

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