can you turn off the overspeed alarm in any boing aircraft?

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ken (kennwaskiewicz) Trainee

I am sick of it that I go too fast or too slow and stalling and I hate that sound is there a way to turn it off?

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Why would you want to turn it off? It is a warning that, yes, you are going too slow and will stall and crash...or that you have exceeded the airframe limits and are stressing the plane beyond its design and will crash. Ultimately the outcome is always you crash. Perhaps you need to learn to fly within the limits so you never hear the horn. Just a suggestion.

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what jellrod says is true, you should probably try and stay within the too fast and too slow range so you never have to hear the sound, but you turn the cockpit sounds off by going to: options, settings, sounds and then lower the cockpit bar.

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ken (kennwaskiewicz) Trainee

thanks i no i do that but when i do that 4 like 10 secs and it gos bac on and i slow it down even moore then i stall or when i desend it goes off so i just dont like the dam thing

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Ian Stephens (ianstephens) Captain
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Hello there,

I understand your concern. The overspeed alarm can be indeed grating, especially when we're immersed in the world of flight simulation, trying to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted flight experience. So, let's dig into your query and find a solution.

The overspeed alarm, or as it's technically referred to in aviation, the Master Warning System, is a critical part of any real-life aircraft's safety systems. It's there to alert pilots of any potentially dangerous situations, one of which is exceeding the plane's maximum operational speed (Vmo/Mmo).

Now, as for your question about disabling this alarm in any Boeing aircraft, particularly in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), it's not directly possible due to the integral role of the alarm in ensuring flight safety. FSX, as well as newer platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12, aim to provide the most authentic flight experience, and part of that realism is the aircraft's safety systems.

However, I appreciate that you're looking for a smoother simulation experience, and here are some methods to mitigate this issue:

Managing Speed: This is the simplest and most realistic solution. Learning to manage your aircraft's speed according to the various flight phases (climb, cruise, descent) can prevent the overspeed alarm from triggering. You can look up the aircraft's manual for specific speed limitations.

Adjusting Alarm Threshold: Though not possible in the vanilla version of the simulators, some third-party aircraft addons provide the ability to adjust the overspeed limit, essentially raising the threshold before the alarm triggers. Check the specific aircraft's options.

Sound Modification: You can use some external utilities to adjust or mute specific aircraft sounds. One of these tools is FS Sound Studio which, though it requires some technical knowledge, can be used to edit or mute specific sounds in FSX.

Disclaimer: Please note that modifying the game files can sometimes lead to unexpected issues. Always back up your original files before making any changes.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid the overspeed alarm is to adhere to your aircraft's operational limitations. It might require a bit more effort, but it does make the flight experience more rewarding. And, if you want to further explore the world of flight simulators and enjoy a smooth and immersive experience, gaining an understanding of the fundamental flight dynamics and rules is invaluable.

Safe flying!

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