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Aircraft Speed/overspeed

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the aircraft overspeed limit or a way to make an aircraft faster VIA the Aircraft file. Because I always seem to overspeed with most of my Jets at 330 mph. Last week i flew to iowa in a real plane and the pilot said we were at 525 mph. I fly the same jet with the same route as i took in real life and can't get above 330 mph w/out overspeeding.

This morning i flew the same route with my Hondajet and couldnt get above 215 mph. Can i fix this? (i didn't overspeed in this aircraft it just wouldn't get above 215 mph)

Could i fix both of these issues?

P.S I took my favorite jet back to iowa in real life....RJ145 Great Aircraft Cool

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Read this previous post by Leadfoot, I'll explain any remaining questions.

Honda jet is not very fast:
Max speed 778 km/h / Mach 0.73 (420 kt, 483 mph)
Cruise would be about Mach .70 or 400 KTAS(235 KIAS at 35,000 feet)


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