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First of all, I know there's a sticky here concerning activation issues, but this question is slightly different, hence the new thread ...

I read on the MS Support sites that to activate the product, you can do it online or by telephone; I (and I assume everyone else in the UK) don't get the telephone activation option. Is this right? Do we in the UK get a telephone option? I only ask because I don't get that.

If anyone on these boards has been able to try the telephone activation path, could you please post the MS Phone number for this so I can try to activate my copy by speaking to a real person.

I'm one of those people with a genuine copy that keeps returning a message saying "Invalid Key..." when trying to activate the software.


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Have you tried disabling your internet connection and then trying to activate? Or are you having the problem when you are entering the product key?

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I've tried disabling Internet connection, but it had no effect on the activation screen. 😞

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Isn't there a phone number in the booklet that came in the DVD case or do they use the same version as we get here.


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RadarMan wrote:

Isn't there a phone number in the booklet that came in the DVD case or do they use the same version as we get here.


Unfortunately no, they only have numbers for US and Canada.

I need to speak with Support about this, but they're not exactly easy to get hold of! To get online support, you have to provide a Product ID, which is in the Help>About section of th eprogram, but in FSX that appears to be blank! To call Support, they're open Mon-Fri 0800-1800; I work Mon-Fri 0900-1700. Tech Support should be open at the weekends, especially for Game Support.

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unplug the internet, go to activate and walk away for half hour while its deciding there realy isnt a internet connection..

come back and it will offer you phone activation.

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This is all sorted out now 🙂

I've been off work today and so was able to contact MS Tech Support about my problems. After getting some info from me about my purchase, someone called me back after half an hour with a newly generated Product Key.

So that's nice 🙂

Thanks for your suggestions guys!


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