Hi-Res Aircraft for FS2004?


I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for some good FS2004 Hi-Res Aircraft? I always download airplanes and they turn out to be crap. Thanks dudes


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What you've been disappointed with so far and what type of a/c you're actually looking for would help a great deal.


well Ive downloaded some C-130 Aircraft that have good models, but horrible textures. I have also downloaded some SWEET F-14 Tomcats, but they have horrible Cockpit Graphics. Any type of plane that is a high quality plane with Hi-Res graphics would be fine with me!

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Well, almost nothing is perfect 😉 but here are two outstanding jet fighters:

second one on the page.

The best freeware P-51 available:

Another excellent WWII prop:

A fantastic Orion:

For a nice selection of Airbus and MD-11s go to iFDG

For good freeware Boeings you can't go wrong with Posky:

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You can find great Choppers at Hovercontrol

Civilian jets: Kittyhawks, great models stunning textures:

If you want more complex Boeing panels go back to Posky and see what they have. This is not to say that the file libraries are not overflowing with great panels for all requirements. It's trial and error sometimes.

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For ultra hight quality you might have to go payware, for example or

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