Why is the plane swaying so much? (technique?)

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Hi everyone! So, I've been flying fs9 for a while now but the one thing ive never seemed to figure out was how to stop the plane from chasing the correct course in autopilot....for example, if im set to a VOR going to it at 120 degrees, even if im far out, the plane will go to the correct course but keep turning right then left and right...etc. it just will not stay straight, it keeps chasing. I was wondering if there is anyway to correct this or make it minimal, thanks!

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What is your distance from the station? How far does the needle vary, if any, from center? Some course roughness is realistic to real aircraft, especially a longer distances. When intercepting a VOR course, use a shallow(30 degree or less) intercept angle. The swaying will be accentuated when using accelerated time.

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Thanks crj! I was about 80 miles from the station and I intercepted it at a pretty large angle so I'll try to cut down on my angle a little and hopefully that should help. Thanks again for your help!

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