Flying Technique - Leveling off at Altitude

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Anyone--perhaps a real pilot--know if there is a "proper" way to make your desired altitude and level off?

Is it best to hit your FL, push the nose over, and trim for speed?

Is it OK to "ease up" to your FL, dropping the nose gradually as you approach your FL?

Is it OK to throttle back to assist in easing your nose over the top?

I guess there are several ways it can be done. Just curious if there are set-in-stone Do's and Don'ts.

Any good web resources on flying technique?

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I don't know what kind of aircraft you are flyng. I usually let the autopilot handle the climb, adjusting the vertical speed only. If you are climbing manually strart leveling off around 500 feet before you desired altitude.

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Reduce your climb rate to 500-1500 FPM the last thousand feet by adjusting your pitch attitude, maintain power set for climb. Reduce power as airspeed reaches desired speed or to cruise power in the case of a general aviation aircraft.

Trim is used to relieve pressure on the controls, has nothing to do with speed.

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