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my mouse is all glitchy when ever i move it.
It 's hard to tell what I'm clicking when I move it around and it is just plain annoying.
Anybody know what i can do to fix this.
Thanks in advanced. 😀

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Air-Head Guest

Simple answer is buy a joystick!! 😂

But no really, I had all kinds of issues trying to use the mouse or the keypads. In the end I gave up. Joystick or if lucky enough a yoke is the way to go!!!

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Even with a joy stick, you need the mouse pointer.
1. Ensure that your mouse is connected securely into the port(USB or mouse port). If connecting thru a USB hub, connect directly to computer instead. If already connecting at computer, switch ports if USB.
2. Check for new driver from mouse manufactures site. Reinstall mouse.
3. Try a new or different mouse, replace mouse.

Air-Head Guest

Yes, CRJcapt you are correct!! Suddenly my name 'Air-Head' has taken on a different meanting. 😂 😂


dirtymouse Guest

Twisted Evil My mouse get costant lint wraped around the wheels and the ball will slip and catch on it (this is if you have this kinda mouse)
you unturn the plate on the bottom and drop the ball out and clean the ball, and look inside were the ball sits on the bottom of the mouse.
you have to literaly scrape the lint of of the wheels9LIL black pegs that ball turns)
sometimes there is a lil screw on the bottom and you can take apart to clean easier but some mice are difficult to take apart Evil or Very Mad

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