Whats the difference between the following sliders....


Whats the difference between...

Airline Traffic Density and General Aviation traffic Density?

I ask because when i hover the mouse over them they both state the exact same thing.



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Bran09 First Officer

airline is jet aircraft aviation is offcourse propeller aircraft like cessnas and beech barons


Can someone clarify this. As i dont think so.

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oldsamer First Officer


The only difference between sliders is the kind of aircraft the little artificial players inside your puter are flyin and how or where they fly them.

The further you push the sliders to the right, the more company you have playing your game.


Oldsamer, thats not what i asked. I generally know what the sliders do as the answers in the quesion, but i wanna know what difference each slider does.

I.e Does the aviation one, increase traffic in the air, while the airline one increases the number of airlines at the airport. Thats what i wanna know.

Anyone, or is everyone else in the same boat?

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

Airline traffic is the commercial big jets, the general aviation is the small props and such

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