Dubai Hotel helipad


is it possible to land on that famous Dubai Hotel helipad ?

is there a airport code for that ?

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Bugs Bunny Guest

hi, there are lots of famous hotels in dubai so i'm not sure which one you're talking about, but if i'm right then it might be Burj Al Arab, if thats the one then no i don't think you can land on it coz i tried lots of times and failed. Not sure about the dubai airport code but look for it under United Arab Emirates/ Dubai/ Dubai International

dubai looks much better when you have scenary on high, if you don't you'll only see a desert with 3 or 4 buildings 😛

Bugs Bunny Guest

yes that's Burj Al Arab ..... just take off from Dubai International and head towards the beach ... you'll find it there but make sure you got scenary on high otherwise it'll look like crap and remember you can't land on it.


can't land on it ??? too bad !

come on FSX, you gotta do better than that.

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