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I installed Eric Marciano's payware gauge RadarFS9 today. It is supposed to work with both IE aircraft and for on-line simming. It works with no problems off-line but as soon as I try to join an on-line session with the aircraft I get a "buffer overrun detected" error for FS9.exe.

Is there any way one can increase the size of the buffer.

I have sent an email to Eric but have not yet received a reply.

Any help thanks


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Alan Fernandes

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Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 4:49 am Post subject: Eric Marciano: Problemas no FS2004.


Olá pessoal!

Acabei de baixar o painel de Eric Marciano para o FS2004. Tudo está correto. Meu FSUIPC é registrado (versão 3.450) , tenho o FSSound.dll na pasta "Modules", não substitui o arquivo GPS Export e tenho o update do painel para o FS2004 mas quando vou iniciar o simulador com a aeronave é mostrado o erro "Missing Gauge". Todos os instrumentos ficam inoperativos.

O que pode ser? Como posso resolver isso?
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