Aircrafts in FS2002

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What are the Aircrafts in FS2002?

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See if this helps.
It should be listed on the box, or if you can find it in a jewel case for $10 it should be there also.


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sopwith camel
schwiezer 2-32 sailplane
cessna skyhawk 172
cessna skylane 182S
cessna skylane 182 RG retract undercarraige wheels
extra 300s stunt plane
cessna 208 caravan amphibian (land and water)
learjet 45 busness jet
boeing 737-400
" "747-400
"" ""777-300
bell206B jet ranger helicopter

additional aircraft on the fs2002professional edition

beech baron 58
beechcraft king air 350
cessna grand caravan wheel version (land)
mooney bravo

AI aircraft that fly around that ya cant fly
piper p35 or somethin low wing mono plane civil craft
dh-8 dehavilan twin motor lil turbo prop

oh ya Guest

think there was a chanc vought ww2 corsair

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