767 FMC Question (RE: Transatlantic NATs)

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Hey their,

wondering if anyone can help me. Looking at flying Transatlantic on Level D 767 and i was wondering how do i input NAT fixs into my FMC, i already know how to program the FMC so some hints on how to get the NAT fixes in would be awesome. 🙂

For flight planning i obtained these fixes from Departing from Glasgow,

56N020W 304 180 N56°00'00.00" W020°00'00.00" 56N020W
56N030W 290 335 N56°00'00.00" W030°00'00.00" 56N030W
55N040W 285 345 N55°00'00.00" W040°00'00.00" 55N040W
53N050W 281 372 N53°00'00.00" W050°00'00.00" 53N050W

Thanks very much to anyone who can spare some time to help 🙂

Many Thanks


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bbking Guest

Go to legs page then enter N56W020,
not 56N020W.

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Fantasitc, lol thanks very much, much appriciated

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