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Hi every1,

i want to know how to listen to the ATIS of the airport i will be landing. First, I load a flightplan. Then I have to setup my FMC for the Flightplan. I ask for taxi permission and then note down the runway i will be takin off from. My problem is that I don;t know what runway is currently in use at my destination airport. Is there a way to listen to the ATIS of the destination airport???? PLEASE HELP


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when you open the radio (ATC Window)

if you are not tuned into an airport tower tune into one and after you are tuned there will be an option of tuning into the ATIS and so on....

hope that helped


Thats IF the airport even has a ATIS!!!

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most if not all do, unless the airport doesnt even have a runway, if not you can tune the nearest airport and get its ATIS.

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Im sure its not actually possible to tune into the ATIS of the destination airport anyway. An not very realistic, if it would allow you too.

But why would you want too? Chances are, conditions will change by the time you arrive, and the in-use runway will change....

What I do, is go to map view, and make a note of all the ILS freq's etc, for the varous runways before departure, then once I get there and am told which runway is in use. I simply throw the data into the radios, and then tune into the ATIS to get the rest of the info.

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You can click on the map icon and roll the mouse pointer over the airport symbol. The TOWER/CTAF and ATIS should be available.

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