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Adding AI Traffic

alastairg100 Guest

I was just wondering how to manually add AI flights to FSX. I already have all of World of AI's flight plans from but this obviously doesnt have all airliners especially local ones which fly from my local airport.l I have downloaded their flightplans from, for FS2004 though. I have TTools, although this doesn't appear to work for FSX so I was just wondering if there is another way to manually add AI flight plans, if so please can someone tell me


navywavey Guest

Shocked WOW, I have seen video's of a navy skyhawk suck a dude into its intakes, when the dude got to close to tha aircraft while launching off a carrier Shocked believe it or not the dude crawled out shakin and a lil briused but, alive Very Happy

alastairg100 Guest

And how exactly are either of these posts helpful to me adding AI Flight Plans to FSX?

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