Which Joystick is best?

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Which one of these Joysticks is the best to get? I need to know fast, because I'm going to BestBuy soon to buy one. I can afford all of them.

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😕 hey, I have the "logitek 3D pro",
and I amNOT very happy with it, i still use it tho cuzz im not buying another one(i use a joystick very lil now, mostly on take offs and landings and mostly the hat toggle, for look around views) the handle is shaped funy so when ya bank the rudder kicks in and is two quick and the aircraft will slide upon landing, and needs proper adjustment in calibrate joystick(and im not so good at that)
AS far as the other ones? I don't know how they are. I always wondered about the SAITEK one??

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Okay does anyone else know about the other two joYsticks?

twistthrottlehandle Guest

maybe wal-mart cheaper?(last i knew)
get a Twist handle for rudder control when flying
and a throttle, and hat view thing(lil toggle on top of handle)

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

I highly suggest the Siatek X52 or the X52 PRO and get a game pad to go along with it

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Well I'm getting one of those three right there on, so which one of those should I get?

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

obiously the X52 PRO but when you get it be sure to d/load the SSP Programming software to fully appreciate your flight system.

and I have had no troubles with the X52 yet and ive had it for a little over a year and a half

but if you go to read the reviews and such i believe there is even a sale on the original X52 😉

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

yes by all means get what you want i just suggest that you stay away from the Logitek 3D Pro ive heard many complaints from it

but yes stick with Saitek and you will be alright

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JarJarBinks wrote:

yes by all means get what you want i just suggest that you stay away from the Logitek 3D Pro ive heard many complaints from it

but yes stick with Saitek and you will be alright

Ya, I've heard alot of complaints from Logitech 3D Pro also.

extreme3Dpro Guest

logitech also makes a FORCE 3d pro, and a ATTACK one,
i don't know about them!
but the extreme 3d pro, its ok, just a minor problem with manual landing that if you don't adjust rudder travel correctly you may experience a slipping type of affect if you are unknowingly putting a slight twist on the handle.
I never had any problems as far as drivers( they did release a new driver for there joysticks this month) or what ever.
I had mine for about 4 years now, always worked, always stayed connected, no issues what so ever running it on windows 98SE, ME, 2000pro, or XPpro. never tried it on VISTA cuzz we don't have vista.
no issues running in FS2002, FS2002pro, fs2004, any of my add ons like commuter pilot, bush pilots, ect.
no glitches with running on Combat flight simulator 2 & 3 and there add ons.
worked on every game i tried, flanker, some booby car race demos,many
its just that one issue when ya land.

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Guest wrote:

.... I can afford all of them.

Then I would suggest you buy them all. One is bound to suit your preferences... Idea

I'm sorry, lame joke.

But anyway, I have the Logitec 3D Pro, and in it's defense, mine has never ever displayed any unwanted or unexpected behaviour, but served me quite well ever since I got it 🙂

hatswitch Guest

if ya go to saitek website it says

Home > PC Controllers > Aviator

Saitek launches the Aviator – the first dual throttle joystick for modern flight simulation games

The Aviator is designed with everything you’d expect from a high performance joystick, including a rugged, military-style design, rapid response trigger, 8-way hat switch, plus illuminated rocket or missile fire button with safety cover.

And a first in joystick design, the Saitek Aviator features dual throttle levers. These enable independent control of multiple engines when flying a large bomber or modern passenger jet, or an engine/flaps combination for better control during take-off and landing. The dual throttles can also be locked together for simplicity when flying single-engined aircraft.

Additional controls include 3D twist for precise rudder control whether taxiing or in the air, front-mounted instrument panel which includes base-mounted toggle buttons with up and down switching functions, and mode selector to instantly change the Aviator’s controls to suit flying scenario. Saitek’s programming software means the Aviator offers up to 8 separate commands which can each be programmed separately.

The Saitek Aviator represents a new direction in joystick design. The groundbreaking dual throttles and a wealth of programmable switches and controls make the Aviator the perfect joystick for the latest flight games, designed to offer gamers both the maximum flight sim authenticity and control. No other stick is as well suited to the planes being flown on today’s PC Flight sims.

Connectivity: USB 1.1/2.0
System Requirement: Windows XP & XP64

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has drivers on website Guest

claims they have drivers on website for vista.
download drivers says only XP and vista drivers.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

i also reccomend the x52 but from those prodects the saitek aviator 😉

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