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add ons aircraft and air traffic


does anybody know how to get your add on aircraft to be the air traffic in the game as well as only the default aircraft and paints

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It is complicated.

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well you have to use swordy's Traffic Tools.
and decompile the traffic.bgl.
make a folder and name with the date, like 6.11.07.
and copy three files into it that TTOOLS make,,aircraft.txt. , airport.txt , and flight plans.txt.
then you assigne a aircraft number too the one you want to use, add to aircraft.txt like title has to read same as sim= ,under [fltsim.x]
so kinda like this AC#101, 250, ai flyaway p63 that don't fly.
250 is the crusing speed.
so ya basically need to replace a aircraft number with another, sorta a exchange and you don't want that, unless you download some flight plans and assigne your airplanes to them for the ones they already have.
like if they have AC#909, then you would use AC#909,
to substitute that plane for the other.
and would kinda sub a aircraft in the same catagory, like a boieng 707 for a B737-800.
or a atr for a dehaviland turbo prop, or a dc10 for a md11 blah blah blah
go find some generic flight plans and do that.
but its best if you aircraft are AI designed, because they are more frame rate friendly than the ones that are designed for you to fly!

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Embarassed oops sorry its --title=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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hold on a minute wheree do i get their flight plans etc. from

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