Wow I just brought EZ-GPS v4 and what a simple program that works so well which has so much to offer making flying from A-B or Z such a easy and simple task. It needs some tweaking to make it a little more user friendly in the way you control it with clicks but that aside well worth the $$$.

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I'm interested to hear that, as I'm in the process of writing a review of it. I found that, even with the refresh rate turned down (as advised by the author), it slowed down the simulator to a crawl.

Did you "tweak" it in any way?




When I installed I left it as default to start with all the settings and it didn't bog down. However I'm one to max everything out I just can't help myself and that's when I noticed stutter every time I turned EZ-GPS on or placed it on my screen. I wasn't prepared to lower my graphic settings or game settings so this is when I started to read the manual and found the same thing you did. What solved this stutter for me was removing the "Show Roads, Show Road Labels, Show Range Rings.

In doing this allowed me to turn on "Show Compass" but what is a frame hit is when you turn off "Show North Up" but removing the others allowed me to have "Show North Up" off because I prefer this setting.

Also on the "Aviation Settings" I turned off "Show Airspace" and evrything is smooth now but I'm still playing with it because increasing settings on some flight paths can stutter again. Also if you find it stutters or you drop in frame rates I click the "PAGES" button to bring up the screen with all the fight date and headings.

When I mentioned about tweaking I was refering to the folks that made this program to go back and bring out a patch that would allow a little more on-screen clicking rarther than having to always click the buttons to move around. I would like to see the ability to type on the screen also rather than have to scroll for letters/numbers when entering airport codes.

But with that aside I'm just loving this little app so simple to use and does an excellent job. The makers need to re-think and use better code to allow for more of the options to be ticked so performance is increased.

Another thing that annoys me is once you resize it the thing doesn't remember next time you load it or should you press for a different outside view then return to the cockpit you have to bring it up again.

Another stupid annoyance is you have to click "EXIT" every time you load it for the first time when loading FSX and you know what it is I mean so I won't go into detail.

I recommend it

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Thanks for the mega-detailed response 🙂

My first impressions of the functionality were very favourable, but the performance hit made me stop using it for a while, but I'll certainly go back to it now and try some of the things you mentioned.

Many thanks,


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