Special Thanks to JLangevin - FSX.cfg and nVidia Help

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I want you fellow simmers to know that after several posts about "my" tweaking, forgetting what I did, losing my notes, nVidia "mis-understandings" - (PS - I "did" do backups, can't believe I remembered to do that) - Mr. "JLangevin" came to my rescue.
"J" pointed me in the correct direction with understanding on my 8800GTS 640meg Control Panel - BUT, he was good enough to look at my FSX.cfg, and then send the one he uses. I saved it and replaced my own FSX.cfg. and NOW - I have FSX that is "BETTER" than it's ever been - no blurries, no shimmers, good detail, and fps that's 25 - 30fps , and in busy airports, 9 - 14 fps - Not bad for a single core AMD 2.8 gh - also have 3 gig of ram and of course the 8800GTS - Vista HomePremium.

Again, I think many of use don't have the heavy duty dual/quad core machines yet, as well as waiting for the DX10 updates - yes we dream of 60 - 100 fps like "J" gets on his "heavy-duty pc" - but for now - my experience with FSX is just "great" - I am happy until the dollars let me go heavy duty.

Sorry for the rambling, but "Happiness" does that sometimes and again,
THANKS "J" - You're the Man! 😀

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Not a problem... let me know when you go Dual Core and Ill write you another fsx.cfg 🙂

The cool thing is that your 8800GTS is picking up the slack... BUT, with the way that Dual Cores are dropping in price (Intel faster than AMD), it wont be long until you can get one... the AMD X2 4000+ which is one of AMDs older cores, is around $109 right now, and still will outperform any single core AMD... something to consider.

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

I'm really in the "frame-of-mind" to wait until the quad-cores drop - I've built pc's before, so no problem with that issue - I feel with my set-up, and "waiting" for DX10 rewrites, it may be worth the wait - I know the quad-cores are very expensive, along with mb's, new ram, - and from what I read, the quad's will be screamers if configured properly.
What's your thoughts?
Thanks again,

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Well, depends on if you are going AMD or Intel.... I swear by Intel if you havent noticed... The Core2Quad is around $550, or the Core2Extreme Quad Core is $1200.

I think that the decision is up to you. But keep in mind that Motherboards are not that expensive... my DS3v3.3 was only $129 and supports the Quad Core 1333fsb.... It doesnt have to be expensive.

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

"J" - I also am partial to Intel and very partial to Asus MB's - This PC I am on with FSX, was an additional pc to supplement the "big one three years ago I built - with wireless n/w - a very decent HP to do graphics work with Illustrator/Photoshop - I'm in the wholesale printing business - with additional 2 gig of ram - it's a pretty decent machine. I want to eventually upgrade this unit with the quad-core, mb, and of course ram. I haven't researched mb's by Asus to see what's available - The upgrade will probably be late fall, after DX10 is upgraded as well as additional drivers for the 8800GTS - BEFORE I do anything, I would like to run it by you for your thoughts?
Thanks again and stay in touch - Keep the vid's coming.

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JLangevin First Officer

Well, if you are partial to Intel, I would go with the standard Core2Quad rather than the Extreme from the simple stand point of price... This samble build would of course be based on you wanting to build a Quad Core that will be within standard for the next few years.

I would use this processor Core 2 Quad

This cooler (if you plan on staying air cooled) Tuniq

This Mobo Asus P5BDeluxe (since you are partial to Asus) This also uses the Intel P965 Chipset which is what I am using also. Very stable overclocker.

This Memory OCZ 1066mhz DDR2 CHEAP!!!

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

I tried to do a search for my fsx.cfg file, but couldn't find it....... so I guess what I have will do for a little bit. 😀

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