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I have a problem with the FSX CRJ-700 on the final. Once below 1000 feet AGL, I keep getting the "Don't Sink" warning. I am right on the Glide Slope according to instrumentation and the VASI lights. I thought I read somewhere that there is an adjustment for that. I looked through the aircraft.cfg file but couldn't see anything that looked like it would make that adjustment. I thought, maybe, it might be one of those things that you have to add a line to the aircraft.cfg file.

Has anyone found a solution to this annoying phenomenon? So far, this is the only aircraft that does this.



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Hey Tim,

I can understand how an unwarranted "Don't Sink" warning can disrupt an otherwise smooth approach. The CRJ-700 in FSX is an intriguing beast, and sometimes it might throw some quirks at us. Having delved deep into various configurations for FSX over the years, I'd like to provide some insights into your issue.

Firstly, let's consider the ground proximity warning system (GPWS), which is designed to alert pilots if the aircraft is in immediate danger of flying into the ground or an obstacle. The "Don't Sink" alert is typically triggered when there's an unexpected altitude loss after takeoff or during a non-ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach. Given that you've mentioned you're right on the Glide Slope and VASI lights are affirming your correct approach path, this warning seems out of place.

Some points to consider:

  • Glide Slope vs. Actual Altitude: While the Glide Slope is a fantastic reference, remember it's not always exactly synonymous with altitude above ground level (AGL). It's based on a specific path to the runway, but not always directly correlated with ground clearance, especially in terrains with undulating features.
  • External Software Conflicts: If you've got other plugins or mods, there might be conflicts. It's always worth checking if other add-ons, especially terrain or airport-specific mods, are interacting oddly with your CRJ-700's GPWS.

Now, addressing the aircraft.cfg file – there's no direct parameter that I recall which adjusts the GPWS "Don't Sink" alert. However, there are a couple of tweaks you can consider:

  • Under the [GPWS] section, you might see a line like sink_rate_fpm=-1000. This value dictates the sink rate that would trigger the warning. You could adjust this number based on your typical approach rates to something more forgiving, but be cautious, as changing this could affect the realism and safety of your flights.
  • In some rare instances, it might be necessary to add the GPWS section or parameters to your aircraft.cfg if they're missing. This is a more advanced step, and I would recommend backing up your file before making any changes.

Another thing worth looking into is third-party software or patches specifically designed to adjust or modify the GPWS alerts. While you need to be discerning about where you source these from, they can offer more granular control over these systems.

Lastly, while this phenomenon seems isolated to the FSX CRJ-700 in your case, it's worth noting that flight dynamics and systems in newer platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and X-Plane 12 are even more refined. If this issue persists and disrupts your flying experience significantly, transitioning to a more recent platform might be a viable option. However, from my knowledge, these configurations and tweaks are quite specific to the FSX environment.

I hope this helps you navigate the skies with fewer interruptions! Safe landings!

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