POSKY 747-400 terminal sink rate

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How do,

Had a very weird experience last night whilst flying my POSkY 747 out of Barcelona to LHR. I was just about to reach my nominated cruise altitude of FL30 when i got a master caustion light (yellow if i recall correctly) and a warning of sink rate. The wierd thing was i was nose up at an indicated 230kts and +1500VS.

Nothing i did could recover the aircraft, so the 747 was lost somewhere in the north pyrennees 😞

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Bummer?!?!?! How many VPassengers perished? I am sure the VFAA wil do a full investigation.



crosscheck9 Guest

My opinion -- I think 230 IAS is not enough. It should have been somewhere around 270. That's how it usually is for me. There might, however, be another reason which I am not aware of.

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lkw First Officer

I have had experiences simular to your with smaller GA craft. I was able to get around the problem by reducing the vertical (VS +1500) at higher altitudes. May be somebody wiser has a better explination. I guess in a way crosscheck9 is saying the same thing the speed would increas as you reduced the climb.

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